General Coatings

General Coatings
These coatings are conventional coatings based on alkyd resin systems. These coatings provide fair gloss, very good durability and hardness. They can be either air dried or baked in an oven and are economical as compared to other coatings. Chemilac Quick Drying coating offers excellent drying and helps in achieving reduced process time with providing very good durability.

Typical end uses are agricultural components, household items, decorative items, machineries, general industrial and wherever cost is a concern.


  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Fast Drying formulation
  • Reduced process time
  • Broad range of colors available
  • Can be baked or Air dried

Quick Drying

This is a fast drying paints used for coating various metal products and is ideal for industrial, maintenance, and general metal applications. It provides versatility and efficiency of application due to its quick drying properties.

These products include single pack anti corrosive primers and quick drying enamels with varying gloss levels and specialist properties for all types of application.

Bake Enamel

These products are single component, heat curing based on alkyd / amino resins. They are premium quality finish designed for spray application and offers very good durability, gloss and hardness. Typical end uses are household products, automotive components, general industrial etc

Anticorrosive Primers

These products are single component based on epoxy-modified systems. These products are mainly used for coating underbody, chassis and other automotive components, where very good chemical and corrosion resistance is required.